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Laura Marr Printing was established in 2005, although our knowledgeable staff have all been in the business for 20 to 50 years. The ultimate goal at Laura Marr Printing has always been to provide high quality printing to the Stationery trade at an affordable price. We work closely with our customers to assure a perfect job every time. Whether you have been in the business 20 to 50 years yourself or whether this is your first time through the gate, we want to be your printer.

Every day provides challenges to improve and learn new techniques for our growing list of customers. One day we may be tying bows on an invitation and the next day collating 1,000 letterpress calendars. We never grow tired of the change, and in fact, we welcome it. One of our mottos is "If you can think it, we can ink it." It is with great pride that the team at Laura Marr works closely with each other. Each and every job – large or small – receives the same special attention from our experienced staff.